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Mergeus is a North Carolina-based startup, offering reliable and cost-effective shipping services throughout North America. The President/CEO is a graduate of NC State University’s Jenkins MBA program and the company began one day after noticing how many small business owners have a hard time competing with large retailers for customers. After working for a multi-billion-dollar, multinational company and looking at the steep discounts that are given to large business by shipping companies – we thought, “Why can’t small businesses get the same discounts?” Now, they can! We use the volume generated by our network of small business owners and individual shippers, to drive down shipping costs and pass those discounts on to our users. As we continue to grow, so will your savings. Thank you.

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Mergeus is the shipping ally for small to medium sized businesses and individual shippers. With access to the cheapest courier and LTL rates on our website, Mergeus is continuously growing our carrier network and improving our technology to provide additional services and functionality that cannot be found elsewhere.

We look forward to providing you the shipping services you need. Our customer service agents are committed to delivering quality service.

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Mergeus assists our users daily with their shipping needs. Be it with discounts through our website or the full-service support team, Mergeus is here to help ensure you get the best service and rates.


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